Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chicago Buildings–The Fine Details

Another of my Favorite things to do, is get the finer details of buildings, when I can.
Chicago is full of interesting spires and tops to buildings.. here are a few of which I got good shots of., and I haven’t shared in my previous posts.

Of course, no visit to Chicago is complete without the famous John Hancock tower, unfortunately this is the only good shot I got of it due to our tour, and limited time.
Its taken from the Willis Tower, close to sunset, so lighting was less than desirable.


Some more below…

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicago Buildings – Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City and River City 2

One of the most interesting architects o build in Chicago was Bertrand Goldberg.  Known for many works, especially his Marina City, and River City projects. He had other projects in and around  the city, unfortunately, I did not have a chance to photograph them.

Upon seeing this view, I was awe struck.  With both parents being architects, I had known of this project since I was very young, yet I never imagined actually seeing it up close.


More pictures to follow…

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chicago buildings in reflection

So one of the most interesting things I like to do is to take pictures of buildings in reflection of something else usually another building.

So my trip to Chicago I was able to capture a few of these pictures while on the river architectural tour.

Here you can see the Nuveen building, that’s located right in the bend where the river forks.  its shape follows the natural curvature of the river.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower

One of the best known buildings in the world is Chicago’s Wills Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).  Until recently, it was the tallest building in the United states, (but will hold that title until the new World Trade Centre in NYC actually opens).

My favorite feature of Willis Tower is this:

Warning to the Faint at heart, or those with Vertigo, Look and the next few pictures at your own risk.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicago–Architecture and Skyscrapers at a Glance

Back in June, I was at a wedding in Chicago area, where most of my previous wedding series pictures were taken.  On the day before our return, we decided to go into town, and explore the city and its architectures. 
We took an architectural  boat cruise in the river, and here are some of the general Pictures.

In future posts, I will cover other aspects of the buildings, including 1 dedicated to the Willis Tower (Sears Tower).

Without further delay…. INTRODUCTING….



Friday, July 06, 2012

Persian Wedding Spread (Sofre Aghd - سفره عقد )–Part 5 (last)

This as my final post in the series covers my favorite item on the wedding spread – the Wild Rue Tray (Sini-ye Esfand – سینی اسپند ). The series started on June 20th with a brief description, with postings on June 24th, 29th and July 2nd,  but unlike the previous 3, this post, will is dedicated to Sini-ye Esfand and the pictures are from various weddings.

In many cases, a tray of 7 multi-colored spices is used called “Sini-ye Aatel-O-Baatel”, which consist of Poppy Seeds, Wild Rice, Angelica, Salt, Nigela Seeds, Black Tea, and Frankincense

First, where is it on the spread I’ve been using all along?

Both forms of the decoration are meant to ward off evil spirits, and the evil eye.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Persian Wedding Spread (Sofre Aghd - سفره عقد )–Part 4

As with my post on June 24th, and 29th , this Post, will be highlighting some more of the different parts of the wedding spread. All pictures are from the same spread, though more detailed pictures of each Item will follow later in the post.

This  post continues with the edible Items, which consist of "Mulberries”[6],  Feta Cheese and herbs rolled in bread [7], Assorted sweets [8], crystalized sugar bowl[9], and fruits [10].