Sunday, June 24, 2012

Persian Wedding Spread (Sofre Aghd - سفره عقد )–Part 2

In this Post, and 3 to follow, I will be highlighting some of the different parts of the wedding spread. All pictures are from the same spread, though more detailed pictures of each Item will follow later in the post.

In this post, I will cover the spread itself (Termeh), "the Book[A],The Mirror[B], many Candles[C], Religious Articles[D], Flowers[F], the Ring pillow[R] and 2 Sugar Cones[S].


The Spread is usually made of Silk of Cashmere or Satin, with fine gold embroidering, and in many cases passed down from generation to generation


The Book [A], is usually the Holy Book representing the religious following of the Bride & Groom or their families, however there are those that choose a book of Poetry, the most common of which is the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi.  It is also common for other Religious items [D], like a Prayer Carpet (Jaa-Namaaz), And Prayer kit that may include Rosary Beads as is the case with this setting.  Here the Quran  that has been opened:

The Mirror [B] is traditionally flanked by two Candles [C], with decorative holders, but in many ceremonies, as with this one, many more candles can be found throughout the spread. In our case, we’ve only highlighted the main pair, and the larger candles on the outside of the spread:


Flowers [F] play a major role in the ceremony, as decoration, and for their smell.  It is now common at many weddings to also have a flower girl and a Ring bearer come before the bride and groom.  The ring bearer will bring the rings on a pillow [R] , that is left on the Spread.
Here is one of the flowers arrangements within the spread itself. .


Finally, the Sugar Cones [S] , which play a pivotal role in the ceremonies. During the ceremonies, there is a scarf that is held above the heads of the bride and groom.  It is customary for the married women to take turns grinding the hardened sugar cones together, and showering the couple to be with sweetness (as can be seen in the following picture:


More to follow in the Next post.

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